Pursuant to a resolution of the Executive Committee (Known as the Governing Board, GB, after amendment), the Technical Standing Committee was established at its 7th Meeting held in Tunis in March 1982.


  • At the beginning of its work, the committee was composed of representatives from two member SAIs and Secretariat of the Organization.
  • The number of Committee's members was expanded to be three members in addition to the Secretariat of the Organization pursuant to the resolution of the Governing Board in its 11th meeting held in Khartoum in January 1989.
  • The Committee was reformed and the number of members was expanded according to the proposal of SAI Egypt, so that its preparation, organization and topics reflect the thought of the largest possible number of members SAIs of the organization. The number of committee members was increased to be six according to the resolution of the Governing Board in its 20th meeting held in Beirut on 21 -22 June 1995.
  • It was decided that the Committee be reconstituted prior to each session of the General Assembly by replacing the old three member SAIs with new three ones.
  • SAI of United Arab Emirates has been exempt from membership of the journal committee and its editorial staff upon its request and after the approval of the Governing Board in its 21st meeting held in Tunis on 16 - 17 December, 1995.
  • In its 24th meeting, the GB decided to maintain the membership of the SAIs of this Committee (Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen as well as the Secretariat of the Organization). It also decided that the membership of the SAI that fails to attend two successive meetings of the Committee shall be, by law, terminated immediately. With coordination between the Secretariat and the GB head the said SAI shall be replaced with one of the SAIs that expressed an interest in joining the Committee.
  • In its 41st meeting held on 20- 21 December, 2008 in Jordan, the GB decided to reestablish the Committee to include the SAIs of Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Yemen and the Secretariat.


The committee was entrusted with the task of supervising the selection of the material to be published, expressing the technical opinion, preparing it for publication in the "Financial Control Journal" and supervising all stages of printing, publishing and distribution of the journal.

Rules of Procedures

Rules of Procedures