About us

Establishing and Organising of the Organization

The Arab Organization for Supreme Audit Institutions was established in 1976 in accordance with the minutes of the founding meeting of the heads of Supreme Audit Institutions held in Cairo in the same year. The work was organized in accordance with the founding and organising regulatios issued in 1976. These regulations have been canceled and were replaced by the statute of the Organization which was adopted at the third conference held in Tunisia in 1983. Amendements have been inserted to this statute by the General Assembly and the latest amendment of some of its provisions were made during the eleventh meeting of the General Assembly held in Kuwait in 2013.

The Organization's Goals

  • Organizing and developing cooperation of various forms among member SAIs and strengthing the relations between them.
  • Encourage the exchange of views, ideas, experiences, studies and researches in the field of financial control among member SAIs and work to improve the level of this control in the scientific and applied fields.
  • Provide the necessary assistance to arab countries who plans to establish Supreme Audit Institutions or to develop their existing SAIs.
  • Manage the standardizing of scientific terminology among member SAIs in the field of financial control.
  • Work to raise awarness on audit in the arab world, which helps to strengthen the role of the SAIs to perform their tasks.
  • Organizing and supporting cooperation among member SAIs of the Organization, specialized entities and organizations of the League of Arab States, the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) and others regionals institutions who performs related financial control activities.
  • seek to assign the organization of the financial control to audit the accounts of the League of Arab States and other affiliated organizations and commissions and companies or acquire funds from it, or from arab countries and to upgrade the level of control work in it.

Members of the Organization

All arab member SAIs in the Arab League of Arab States are considered members in the Organization.

The main structure of the Organization

  • General Assembly
  • The Governing Board (currently headed by His Excellency the President of the Federal Audit Bureau of the Republic of Iraq).
  • The General Secretariat (which perform its work the Department of Accounts of the Republic of Tunisia, whose first President is the Secretary General of the Organization).

Organization's Activity

The Organization has till now held its founding conference in 1976 in Cairo, and the first conference in 1977 in Cairo, and the Extraordinary conference in 1980 in Tunisia, and the second conference in the same year in Riyadh, the third conference in Tunisia in 1983. After the adoption of the new statute, the General Assembly held its first regular meeting in Tunisia in 1983, its second regular meeting in Abu Dhabi in 1986, its third regular meeting in Khartoum in 1989, its fourth regular meeting in Tripoli in 1992, its fifth regular meeting in Beirut in 1995 and its regular sixth meeting in Cairo in 1998, its seventh regular meeting in Rabat in 2001, its eighth regular meeting in Amman in 2004. It also held its Ninth ordinary meeting in Riyadh in 2010 and its eleventh meeting in Kuwait in 2013 and its twelfth meeting was held in Tunisia from 19-21 October 2016.