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Arabosai at the INTOSAI Regional coordination Platform IRCP

ARABOSAI is participating this week in the INTOSAI-Regions Coordination Platform (IRCP) in Oslo. This conference is a very important event, as the discussion revolves around identifying the needs and priorities of capacity building, support provided at the global and regional levels, challenges and opportunities for sustainability, and the participants will work to identify areas of cooperation among themselves and with INTOSAI structures.

To prepare for this event, IDI and the CBC Secretariat have identified five broad areas of capacity development. Much of the event is built around these five broad areas: (1) Competent People (2) High Quality Audits (3) High Impact Audits (4) SAI External Environment (5) SAI Internal Environment. The selection of these five areas is intended to cover the main capacity development needs and priorities identified in the Global SAI Stocktaking Report 2020.

It will also have be an opportunity to participate in a consultation session on the strategic plan for the IDI for the coming period 2024-2029 and to work with similar organizations on practical solutions to enhance cooperation and coordination between the IDI and regional organizations.